the amount of passive aggressiveness in this dm is amazing



HEEEEEEEEEEEY dani i was wondering if you knew what the 1D party was that's included in some vip packages. im seeing the boys in nj and i want vip and im willing to PAY but i dont want to waste $$ if i wont get to touch the boys and the party is just literally hanging out with fans.

Hiiii! Yeah, you don’t get to meet the boys this tour with VIP unfortunately! The 1D Party is like you said, you basically hang out with all of the other VIP’s and listen to music and there’s snacks/drinks and stuff.

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bestnialleverhad replied to your post: 1d and their crew need to invest in ea…

true but those fans should go home like what do they expect

maybe they expect them to come outside, greet and take pictures with each individual person out of the 328972348 that are out there! pretty realistic if you ask me

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yeah i saw your comment about boys being cute until they open their mouths which is true in most cases. but the guy i like can play the piano and guitar and when he opens his mouth to sing i die a little bc he literally has the voice of an angel and i love him so much too bad he's got a gf and i'm ugly.

  1. He sounds lovely!
  2. You’re not ugly, don’t sell yourself short.
  3. The girlfriend… Just cause there’s a goalie doesn’t mean you can’t make a goal!
  4. No I’m kidding kind of not really no but hey it may not work out just keep ur fingers crossed!!!
  5. You are beautiful and worthy and whether you’re with him or not you should be happy! There’s so much to be happy about. I wish you the best of luck in everything!! 
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1d and their crew need to invest in ear plugs and sleeping pills 

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JoshDevineDrums: This is why there’s going to be no sleep again tonight..

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Drake | Doing It Wrong